MST Slender D-Monk II Midsole Tech.

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Midsole Tech
Ce produit utilise le « Midsole Tech »
À Don nous avons perfectionné la semelle d'une chaussure réhaussantes de sorte qu'il n'a plus à être arqué sur le talon. Ainsi, la création d’une seule semelle plate et surélevée qui offre la parfaite harmonie d'un agrandisseur et le confort exacte des chaussures ordinaires.
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Notes de l'Atelier

The Slender monk 2 is made from our new shape lasts (Sept 2015). This model with a 8 mm Welt (Sole edge) Made for those that wanted a smart business shoe that was not an oxford and needed said shoe in black calf. 

A double monk with a cap toe design is a no-brainer for your work attire and in fact we have seen its popularity skyrocket in recent years as many replace their oxfords with the seemingly easy-to-put-on model.

Made with Calf, you will find that the D-Monk takes an easy shine, offers a very supple yet durable feel and will keep you looking smart as you transition from work to the nearest bar/restaurant. The double monk is a versatile model that complements most types of trousers and being that it takes only seconds to put on, one often finds themselves gravitating to their easy to wear monkstrap shoes.