Elevator Shoes

NEWS UPDATE: We are excited to announce, starting from October 2019, Don's Footwear will be producing its shoes using leather from the Japanese owned Tannery that supplies leather for the entire Japanese police force and leathers used to make The Royal UK House Cavalry boots, This particular tannery only works with a select few clients and their leathers are extensively tested. This will make Don's elevator shoe range even more incomparable to others.

Don's Shoe Production Videos

Picture of MST Manchester

MST Manchester

CAD $324.06
Picture of MST Tennis

MST Tennis

CAD $195.76
Picture of MST PotCat

MST PotCat

CAD $261.89
Picture of MST Engineering Boot Sport

MST Engineering Boot Sport

CAD $310.83
Picture of MST Guthrie DOUBLE DON WELT


CAD $727.48
Picture of AGUSTA  II


CAD $513.21
Picture of MST AirCat

MST AirCat

CAD $310.83
Picture of McClusky


CAD $329.35
Picture of NEW: Polgatoe Slender

NEW: Polgatoe Slender

CAD $329.35
Picture of BEPPE II


CAD $236.76
Picture of MST Elegant II

MST Elegant II

CAD $350.52
Picture of Fossato ( Shape 2)

Fossato ( Shape 2)

CAD $354.48
Picture of Balfour


CAD $261.89
Picture of MST Strathmore

MST Strathmore

CAD $324.06
Picture of Vans II

Vans II

CAD $197.08
Picture of MST Whole-Crepe

MST Whole-Crepe

CAD $224.86
Picture of Muller II

Muller II

CAD $211.63
Picture of Wingtip Monk

Wingtip Monk

CAD $328.03
Picture of MST Elegant

MST Elegant

CAD $324.06
Picture of Formal Wholecut

Formal Wholecut

CAD $354.48
Picture of Lemania TUX

Lemania TUX

CAD $354.48
Picture of Wholecut II

Wholecut II

CAD $314.80
Picture of Muller


CAD $211.63


CAD $367.71
Picture of MST Overlord

MST Overlord

CAD $350.52
Picture of Marco Hand-Welt Edition

Marco Hand-Welt Edition

CAD $396.81
Picture of MST Mckay

MST Mckay

CAD $328.03
Picture of Kokolakis Boot

Kokolakis Boot

CAD $350.52
Picture of Mayfair


CAD $324.06
Picture of Formal 5 incher

Formal 5 incher

CAD $383.58


CAD $304.22
Picture of MST Halperin

MST Halperin

CAD $328.03
Picture of St George WINGTIP


CAD $350.52
Picture of St George II ( Extended )

St George II ( Extended )

CAD $350.52
Picture of MST Monster

MST Monster

CAD $363.74
Picture of Golf Boot

Golf Boot

CAD $529.08
Picture of MST Beach II

MST Beach II

CAD $317.45
Picture of Ltd-2016


CAD $341.26
Picture of Mixed Loafer

Mixed Loafer

CAD $316.13
Picture of DR. VENANZO


CAD $261.89

Height is associated with advantages in the professional and personal lives of men. Most CEOs are above average height and women are often attracted to taller men. We are committed to providing the best height increasing shoes that make you taller. Our custom elevator shoes are handcrafted with quality leather, and our designs enable you to wear stylish shoes that offer added height without discomfort. The hidden increasers add from two to four inches of height using a soft material that augments height, while cushioning your foot and improving posture.

Our shoes are uniquely designed to discreetly add height. Most of our shoes have a one-inch heel, so they have the appearance of any other shoe. Our shoes are handmade with quality inspected leathers and each pair is custom made to order, so we can accommodate any need or preference.

We offer a wide range of styles in comfortable stylish men's elevator shoes for formal & casual wear. We custom make elevator shoes in more than 90 styles, so you can easily find something for every need, style preference, or occasion. Choose from stylish dress shoes for work, casual shoes, boots, formal shoes, and much more. We are always adding new styles, so be sure to visit us often for the latest designs.

Please browse through our website to view the many options available for tall men shoes. Click on each style to find additional information and photographs. You can customize your order by selecting your preferences for the material, finishing type, sole material, desired height increase, and size. Our shoes are available in US, UK, and EU sizes. Place your order through our website for worldwide shipping.