Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is the heel?
The heels on 90% of the styles shown on the website are 1 inch, this is just a fraction over the average men's shoe heel height. When the overall height is requested to be increased, the heels will remain at 1 inch, with only the PU insert is extended and the leather upper altered.
Are DON's shoes comfortable?
Our shoes will invisibly add 2-4 inches in height without losing any comfort. Every pair of our shoes are made with the best care and from high quality leather. The lightweight hidden increaser ensures that our shoes weigh no more than normal footwear. Our hidden increasers are made with a soft material containing a massage sole that enhances your comfort level. As a result, you can wear our shoes on a daily basis without experiencing any discomfort.

Our shoe last makes it so that the shoes will not slip off while providing the comfort and room needed for your feet. The insoles while adding height, will help absorb impact and cushion your feet. In every pair of our shoes there are mid-insoles that help prevent deterioration to the insoles and provide air circulation. Our outer soles helps you feel comfortable by allowing a natural instep.
What are the benefits of wearing DON's shoes?
Along with an increase in height, DON's shoes will help promote better posture. The internal build -up offered by our shoes helps improve posture by providing the necessary support. When you are feeling tall and standing straight, it will give you a feeling of positivity and well-being. Studies have also shown that taller men get the job done. When it comes to getting more respect, getting the promotion, and even getting the girl, the possibilities are endless. With over 90 styles in stock to choose from we are sure to have something to fit every need.
Will anyone know that I am wearing height increase shoes?
Our shoes are designed with the appearance to be just like any non-height increasing shoe, only to be slightly taller in the back. By simply pairing your height increasing shoes with a pair of pants it will cover up the back end of your shoes. Thus making them unnoticeable.
Is there any shoes made with leather soles?
Yes, we do have a selection items that are made with a fully leather bottoms which are ideal for dance floor too.
Do I need to make alterations to the length of my pants?
In most cases, there is no need to alter your pants. Although wearing slightly longer trousers with larger legs will help optimize the invisible effect. Trousers should have sufficient margin so that they nicely fall over the end part of the shoes, where the shoe begins to lift up. Slightly longer pants are recommended for our extra height increase styles.
Can I put your insoles into "regular" shoes?
Our insoles are designed so that they may be worn with regular shoes. We do recommend that they be worn with high profile shoes to ensure the best comfort. Shoes with low profiles, such as loafers, will not allow the necessary room for your feet when the insoles are inserted. We offer a large variety of insoles that are available to fit the individual needs of our customers.
What method of shipping do you use?
We only use DHLas our shipper for USA and for most international customers.
When will I receive my order?
Actual delivery time to you by DHL will vary depending on your geographical location. The method of shipment will also have to be factored in to get an estimated delivery time.
Do you have a catalogue?
Yes, we do have catalogues available. Catalogs are free of charge and available by contacting us here