Midsole Technology

Introducing a revolutionary technology for elevator shoes

Can you imagine ever running in elevator shoes? Ever wished that you had a pair of elevator shoes that felt just like your favourite pair of trainers?

Well now with the mid-sole technology your elevator shoes will feel exactly like all the normal shoes you’ve worn in the past. How??

At Don’s we have perfected the insole of an elevator shoe so that it no longer has to be arched on the heel. Thus, creating a raised flat sole that provides the perfect unison of a lift and the exact comfort of regular shoes.

The biggest hurdle that an elevator shoe can have, is that the position of the heel makes the wearer constantly aware that they are wearing a pair of elevator shoes.

From this day on, the mid-sole technology completely eliminates that. It makes the wearer completely unaware that they are wearing an elevator shoe, except for the fact that they are now taller!

Don’s guarantees that once you try our mid-sole technology shoes, you’ll never want to go back.


Welcome to the revolution of the elevator shoe.



Rough suede Black Midsole tech

Oil brown leather with the EVA sole