Considering Limb Lengthening?  Read this first.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Until fairly recently, I personally considered limb lengthening surgery myself.

I’m sure my motivation was similar to many others—improving my social life, expanding my dating prospects, appearing more attractive, etc.

I had experimented with “bridging the gap” with elevator shoes / height increasing shoes, but I found a lot of the brands I bought, if they provided any “significant” height increase (enough to address my main concerns), that they were both too uncomfortable to wear, and too obvious.

Oftentimes, I would have to get extreme tailoring done to suit pants, effecting converting them into gaudy bellbottoms in order to hide the massive curves on the backs of the shoes.

Even when I was able to successfully hide the fact that I was wearing elevator shoes (no easy task), the 4-5 inch height increasing shoes were as heavy as led—I basically felt like I was walking around with cement blocks strapped to my feet.  I would quickly get sore and tired—and I could say “forget it” to the prospect of going dancing or for long walks in them, which kind of negated the goal of using them for improving my dating life.

On the other hand, certain factors kept me hesitant from pursuing limb lengthening.

Firstly, of course, was the cost.  To get the procedure done anywhere I would consider “safe” and “reliable” would cost from $30,000-$75,000.  Sadly, not being a multi-millionaire, that already basically ruled the procedure out.  And even if I could scrape together the money from my savings, I’d also be losing out on the several months I’d be away from work, the months I’d be spending on physiotherapy after the procedure, the cost of the flight and accommodation…the costs just seemed to pile on.

At the end of the day, if I ended up spending so much money on the procedure that it significantly impacted on my long term financial goals, I wasn’t so sure that it was worth it.  After all, would being 2 or 3 inches taller really increase my dating prospects more than the financial stability of having the same amount of money to use on putting a down payment on a second house?  The extra disposable income to spend on countless hours of lessons, classes, and opportunities for self-improvement?  The funds to start a small business?

The more I thought about it, from a financial perspective, the harder it was to justify.

Outside of the monetary costs, I also started to consider the physical and professional impact.

Being sidelined for the three and a half months that would be required for a 4 inch increase, my muscle mass would drop off dramatically, potentially losing nearly a year of hard-won gains at the gym.

At the same time, being away from my job for that long, along with any financial loss, would seriously impact the momentum I’d developed, my client relationships, and the responsibilities I’d taken on.  Even if I could guarantee I’d have a position when I returned, I’d be massively impacted in a way that might be difficult to recover from.

The more I thought about everything, the more I hesitated in pursuing the procedure.  At the same time, I was still stuck with all of the same challenges and frustrations I’d experienced prior to considering the operation.

I found a middle ground I was much more satisfied with in buying higher quality shoes—particularly, here at Don’s Footwear from Allan.

As much as it might sound like a shameless plug, it’s absolutely true.  The whole reason for me writing for the blog is out of appreciation over just how satisfied I’ve been with his work, and in the hopes that other people can have the same opportunities that his shoes have given me.

Even his 4-5 inch height increasing shoes look impressively non-descript.  They don’t have the “frankenstein’s monster” look of the hideously ugly boots I’ve received in the mail so many times before.  I genuinely get compliments on them on a regular basis.  Because of the way they’re designed, they don’t have the giant, ugly “back bump” that most other 4-5 inch elevator shoes do, so I can easily wear them with normal suit pants—and any alternations you might need, if at all, would be incredibly slight.  They’re also MUCH lighter to wear—I haven’t had any issues wearing them out for salsa nights or romantic walks.

I can imagine some of you are wondering about the obvious question—how does dating work, when you eventually have to take them off?  Obviously, with leg lengthening surgery, it’ll be a problem that you’ll never have to worry about.

In response, I’ve found that the height boost on the first one or two dates has been enough to not get subconsciously “pre-screened” by dates, given us a chance to develop a strong connection, and—at least in my experience—once that’s been established, I haven’t had any “disaster stories” of post-shoe-removal-rejection.

I’ve often felt as though most of the longing for a guy to be a certain height comes from a desire to have a certain “feeling” on the part of a woman—feeling safe, feeling secure, feeling a man has a commanding presence, etc.  In my experience, generating those feelings has been a combination of initial appearance, but also of personality, attitude, tone, and overall presence.  Once a date has felt “secure,” “comfortable,” and “protected” around me, that tends to be pretty firmly cemented, to a point where height concerns get forgotten.  The catch-22, of course, is that height can be a part of projecting that overall first impression—but with elevator shoes, you can easily achieve that.

Overall, I would strongly recommend anyone who’s seriously considering increasing their height through limb lengthening to first try a pair from Don’s.  Compared to the cost of your surgery, the price of a pair will be a drop in the bucket, and I’m honestly confident that you’ll find them just as life changing as I did.  The shoes manage to address all of my previous grievances while improving my social life in exactly the way I was hoping to with limb lengthening surgery.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email us and I’ll be happy to respond personally.


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