A look at our premium leather scale dog costumes

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Leather dog armor (otherwise known as leather dog armour for us non-Americans) has been an item I’ve had requested quite a few times over the years.

At long last, I’m happy to say that I’ll be producing three unique styles, that will each be available shortly.

My goal in crafting each dog leather outfit was to make something that would be both extremely stylish, and also something that could have some real, practical use. I made a point to craft designs that could help protect dogs from rough play with other dogs, and potentially from other animals as well.

I have had some customers interested in ordering the armor for medieval festivals, cosplay conventions, or other special events; others were interested in simply having the most stylish dog in town.

My interest also took a deeply personal turn; our factory dog, my darling sweetheart Alice, passed away. I had spent the last year working on my dog leather armour projects with Alice as our model -- photos with her wearing our first dog armour designs even made it into the Daily Mirror in the UK. After she passed on, our work on the dog armour paused for some time. However, after taking some time away from the project, we’re proud to move forward with it, as a way to celebrate Alice’s life and to hopefully provide something of value to fellow dog lovers worldwide.

If you have any interest in dog armour (or dog armor, for the Yanks!) I’m working on a variety of styles, including warrior armour, gladiator armour, and more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested, and I’ll be happy to get in touch to make something you and your dog will love.

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