Elevator Shoes and Cosplay

Saturday, November 16, 2019

With the explosion of the cosplay scene over the last decade, one thing has always surprised me; how few male cosplayers take advantage of height increasing shoes, aka “elevator shoes”. Custom Cosplay Boots Available Now


With the incredible time and effort that goes into crafting costumes for events like Comic-Con, or various other anime expo events or comic conventions worldwide, taking advantage of shoes to increase their height seem to be one of the most overlooked opportunities among costume designers.


Whether it’s trying to be a more accurate height for a tall, imposing figure, like a “Darth Vader” or a Marvel Super Hero, or to bridge the gap in stature between your natural height and the character you’re looking to portray, elevator shoes can go a long way to achieving overcoming an otherwise difficult obstacle.


At Dons Footwear, our height shoes are designed to be as “invisible” as possible, meaning that you can easily find a style that matches your character and costume design, and wear our shoes without having them throw off the aesthetic you’ve designed in the rest of your costume.


On the flip side, since we handmake every pair of shoes we sell, we can also customize your order as needed.  Whether you’re looking for an unusual material, design, or height, we can work with you to get exactly the look and functionality you’ll need to make your costume just right.


We’ll also make sure to make all of our design choices with the end user in mind—in order words, if there are design choices or other requests that might make wearing the shoes more challenging or uncomfortable, we’ll communicate clearly through the process to make sure that you ultimately get your hands on a pair of shoes that are comfortable and functional.

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