Elevator Shoes for Fitness Professionals

Monday, November 25, 2019

It might be surprising to some people, but a significant number of requests we have come from bodybuilders and professional trainers; specifically, from those looking for a pair of height increasing shoes that are as comfortable in the gym as they are outside of it.

The truth is that it really shouldn’t come as any surprise, especially to those involved in the industry.  Being able to control one more aspect of how you look to to the world around you is one extra piece of control that elevator shoes equip bodybuilders with.  In an instant, a bodybuilding or fitness professional can make themselves 2 or 3 inches taller, while not having their movement, stride, or posture negatively affected.

We cater to our friends in the bodybuilding community with a wide range of comfortable and completely natural looking trainers and sports shoes.  To keep the height increasing in the shoes to look as natural as possible, we encourage shopping looking to buy elevator shoes to competition to stick to the 2-3 inch range as the upper limit; particularly, since many of them will be wearing the shoes wearing only shorts, they will lack the pant legs that can normally be used to strategically conceal the longer shafts in shoes with a larger 4-5 inch lift for men.

Every effort was made to make the sports shoes as comfortable as possible.  We have been delighted to receive feedback from satisfied customers who use the shoes for hours at a time during training at the gym on a daily basis. 

We also make a point to have multiple videos of several of our most popular sports shoes, to give as clear a picture as possible of how the shoes will look and feel “out in the wild.”  As a bespoke shoemaker, there are also options to build or customize a shoe to your exact needs and specifications, for those who have a very specific or unique vision for their footwear.

Overall, we’re confident that you’ll be extremely satisfied with our shoes.  We’ve poured our every effort and spared no expense to produce a finished product that we could truly be proud of.  From form to function, we have done our very best to make a pair of shoe truly designed with the customer in mind; something that will do exactly what you need it to, while feeling great and looking phenomenal. 

We’re eager to invite you to try them for yourself.

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