Footwear and Hollywood: A Look at Shoes in Famous Films

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The perfect pair of shoes is something that can make or break an ensemble outfit, and Hollywood’s designers know this to a tee - which makes sense if you think about it.

So today let’s go over some of the most famous pairs of footwear from some of our favorite Hollywood films! 

We might just learn a thing or two...

James Bond: Spectre

“You are a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond.”

In collaboration with famous Northampton brand Crockett and Jones, meet the brand behind the man himself... “James Bond”. In the latest series addition, James Bond: Spectre, we see Bond take on the enigmatic criminal organization known as “Spectre.” 

But you can’t take on the world and get the girl barefoot (or at least not without some series of scratches), and so for this mission, the shoe model in question is the “Alex in Black Calf” as well as the “Camberley” model by Crockett and Jones (also in Black Calf) that we see James Bond sport throughout the film.

Suited for action and elegance, the Camberley Double Buckle Boot will work best for “rough” operations, whilst you’d fair better with the Alex model for black tie functions requiring a more formal “English Oxford” approach. 

For shorter guys, try out the “Formal Wholecut” leather shoe by Don’s Footwear to a height boost of up to 3.1 inches! Take that, Bond…

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Kingsman: The Secret Service

“Oxfords, not Brogues.”

Unlike Harry Hart’s erroneous advice to “Eggsy” in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service, you’d do best to listen to us instead when we tell you that yes, your oxfords can have closed lacing too! 

But aside from that, you better follow Hart’s unspoken model example, in regards to his dress sense, and in this case...his shoes.

Kingsman service-issued black cap-toe oxfords will be most apt. This time was provided as part of Mr.Porter’s released shoe collection in honor of the film series. 

For shorter fellas looking to mirror Kingsman attire (with a cheeky height boost) then look no further, for we also have you covered! 

Your service-issued footwear of choice today will be between two models featuring Midsole Technology, the “MST QUIRI II”, and the “Polgato III” (with a height boost of up to 3.1 inches for both models.) 

Both shoes below feature proprietary Midsole Technology by Don’s Footwear and are also made for people who are on their feet all day - from business professionals to simply active individuals who wish to maintain a low profile (made possible by Midsole.) 

Check out our dedicated Midsole shoe page right here!

The Godfather part II

 My father’s name was Antonio Andolini, and this is for you! 

From penniless immigrant to becoming the first “Don”, Vito Corleone (including everything about him) demands respect, especially when we see him - and his fashion choices - in their prime in 1974’s The Godfather part II.

Wide rounded notched lapel overcoats, sepia-tone waistcoats, grey wool trousers, and brown leather open laced derby’s... Vito had his style down pat.

So our top pick to have you resembling the first Don himself is with a pair by Oliver Sweeney featuring vintage styling and traditional inlay’s - named the “Classic” (link to

For shorter guys, what Don’s Footwear can offer is a resembling variant of the old-school derby shoe, along with a 3.1-inch height boost...

Meet the “OX-777” (featuring Midsole Tech) coming in leather and/or suede, or go for our “DI SUSA” for a more conservative look. 

However, in either case, both will have you looking like a 3.1 inch taller “Mafioso” in no time!

Rebel Without a Cause

“You're tearing me apart!”

Jim Stark was a troubled teen, with an even more “troubling” Harrington red jacket - and one that seemed to get him into a lot of trouble. Though an item of clothing overshadowed by his jacket is arguably the second most important part of his ensemble look - his boots. 

Specifically a pair of 1940’s/early 1950’s Chippewa’s, or a pair of boots by Wesco Boss (due to lackluster history records we can’t be sure.) However, either way, Don’s has you covered with mirroring footwear designed to have you looking like the epitome of “teenage angst” in no time. 

Meet the “MELA GRANDE” 3.1-inch booster boot, a large boot with an even larger and bolder appearance to match. Our boot also comes with your choice of Don’s signature buckle!

Whilst we’re at it, feel free to learn more about Don’s Footwear right here.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

“One good spy deserves another.”

2015 made (60’s set) spy thriller The Man From U.N.C.L.E brought us spies, Russians, “Guy Ritchie”, and the style pieces dawned by “Napoleon Solo”…

Not to discredit “Armie”, “Vikander”, “Debicki”, and the rest of the talented cast, but we feel as though C.I.A. employed thief Napoleon Solo’s style (played by Henry Cavill) is more our cup of tea! 

A gentlemen’s gentlemen, Napoleon oozes vanity soaked swagger and bespoke luxury, with all his suits crafted in high Savile Row tradition -  he rocks quite the “look.” 

His dandy image includes oxfords shoes coming from British-born G.J. Cleverly, along with boots from Crockett & Jones

For shorter lads looking to imbue the “Solo” look, check out our “Polgatoe Slender” shoe (featuring Midsole Tech) with height-boosting features of up to 3.1 inches!

And remember to slick the hair back and put on about 15 pounds of lean muscle to complete the look, easy peasy!  

Learn more about Midsole Tech here.

American Psycho

"There Is An Idea Of Patrick Bateman."

Patrick Bateman is a man of few words and even fewer subtleties. 

He likes to show off…

American Psycho sets itself within the 80’s world of Wall Street, New York. Cooperate bigwig “Bateman” (played by “Christian Bale”) is known for his on-point faultless sophistication, with several suits and styles ranging from pinstripe ties and charcoal shades to well-ironed shirts and O'Malley frames - he’s quite the trendsetter.

For the Bateman look, it’s pretty easy this time round (at least shoe-wise.) Elegant leather oxfords such as the “Uniform Shoe” by Thom Browne will work best.  

For more affordable options for short guys, check out the “MST Polgato II” or our 

“MST Quiri II” (with both featuring Midsole Tech and a 3.1-inch height boost.) 

Either one of these will surely get you a reservation at Dorsia (or have you die trying!)

If you want some extra super-secret tips on how to look (subtly) taller, then check out a post we wrote on the very matter right here.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

“You use a scalpel, I prefer a hammer.”

You don’t get to be a part of Tom Cruise’s sartorial arsenal without some serious time-tested clothing accessories from his latest film, Mission Impossible: Fallout.

Whether it be running from the Syndicate, or running from his fans, the man runs...A LOT. And so for our choices today, we will be leaning mainly toward the side of practicality. Your official footwear (one of many of his) will be the “Agrari Chukka Boot” by Spring Store. 

Though for more refined gentlemen who prefer real leather - and who want a 3.1-inch height boost -  you’re better off going for the “Di Vico II.”

For more of an in-depth look into menswear attire in film, check out this video by Gentlemen’s Gazette below.

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