Height Increasing Shoes for Weddings and Wedding Photos

Sunday, January 12, 2020

One of the most overlooked uses for height increasing shoes is for weddings.

Sometimes, once a shorter man gets into a long term relationship, he may feel less pressure to wear height increasing shoes to look more attractive to a potential partner.  Of course, many of our customers wear elevator shoes for entirely other reasons--for business, or just for personal preference—but we certainly have clients who are interested primarily for the effect gaining height can have in initial interactions with women.

However, once that relationship turns to wedding plans, some new considerations can potentially enter the picture.

When a woman walks down the aisle, she’s most often going to be walking down in heels.

For shorter men, that can create an unavoidable situation where the bride-to-be could potentially be significantly taller than her future husband.

Of course, some men might not mind the wedding photos showing their wives looming over there; but for those who might want to at least put themselves on equal footing, height increasing dress shoes can easily and invisibly fill the roll.

Unlike clunky, awkward and obvious elevator shoes that used to be the norm in the industry, we’ve made elegance and style two of our main principles with every shoe we design.  For a truly “invisible” lift, we would generally recommend shoes that provide up to approximately 3 to 3.5 inches of additional height.

The shoes were also specifically made with black tie engagements in mind, so they will easily and seamlessly fit into a tuxedo ensemble.  Of course, we also provide full bespoke customization, so we can take whatever extra steps you require to make a pair of wedding shoes a picture-perfect compliment to the rest of any groom’s attire.

We have also worked directly with wedding planners, and continue to happily invite them to collaborate with us to make sure their clients can have wedding photos and a wedding experience that fills them with confidence and lets them stand tall on their wedding day.

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