Towering Over the Competition – How to increase your height to 6 feet and above

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

When many men think of elevator shoes or height increasing shoes, they can have a picture in their head of goofy, obvious looking 1970s platform shoes, or of very short men looking to increase their physical stature.


The truth is, though, that in the world of shoemaking today, height increasing shoes have been much more stylish, innovative, comfortable and elegant than the vast majority of consumers would ever expect.


At Don’s Footwear, we are able to offer something very unique.  We are able to offer up height increasing shoes to the sort of customer who may have never even imagined buying a pair of shoes to increase their height—simply because our handmade, European designed height increasing shoes were better designed, more elegant, and half the price (or less!) of a “normal” high end shoe.

When we created our 186 styles, we looked at some of the latest trends on runways from Paris, to Italy, to London to New York.  To be honest, we were horrified by the ugly, boxy, “Frankenstein shoes” produced by most other elevator shoe companies.  We knew we could do better, and that customers deserved a much higher standard.


The end result was what you see on our site. 

We have supplied shoes to top actors, business executives, media personalities, and more.

What might be surprising is that far few of these sorts of clients are as short as you might expect.


The truth is, for many men, having an opportunity to push their height *just* over a particular benchmark can make a huge impact on their dating, social, and professional lives.

For some men, the difference in being increasing their height from 5’9 or 5’10 to 6 foot or above can have a HUGE impact.  For many women, especially in Europe, Australia and North America, there is an aura promoted in popular culture over a man being 6 foot tall or higher being especially attractive or desirable.  Several online dating studies find substantial increases in messages received by men listing their heights as six foot or taller, for example.

In those cases, for men “right on the edge,” a boost of 2-3 inches to 6 foot or above can be achieved with almost any of our 186 styles—invisibly, comfortably, and extremely stylishly.

The slight boost—that can be ramped up to an extra 5 inches or more, depending on your needs and preference—can also be great for attending events or photo shoots where the extra height can come in handy. 

Of course, being able to suddenly be one of the tallest men in a nightclub, pub, or other social atmosphere can also come with huge benefits for men as well, instantly attracting them more attention and making them more desirable to many of the women there.


There is also the question of “perceived stature” – in America, for example, the overwhelming majority of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are 6 feet and over, while America hasn’t elected a president of below average height since 1897.


Our brains are hardwired to view height as a stand-in for power, dominance, and overall status.  Therefore, someone asking questions like “how to increase your height” or “how to be taller” or even “how to look taller” shouldn’t necessarily only be done by men significantly shorter than average.  The truth is that increasing your height as a man of average height can offer its own unique set of huge advantages.

In the past, the main reasons for average height men to *not* take advantage of the huge benefits of being taller were mostly practical; not knowing that height increasing shoes even existed, or if they did, imagining them to be ugly, uncomfortable, easily spotted and a source of ridicule.

With today’s standards in shoemaking—and particularly, with our own personal standards at Don’s Footwear—all of those concerns are completely outdated.


As you can see from our catalogue, all of our shoes are designed with the highest attention to style and detail.  You can achieve the best of both worlds—getting to reap the benefits of seen as taller and more dominant, without having to sacrifice comfort or style.


We invite you to take a look at our shoes, and pick up a pair or two for your own personal wardrobe, to truly appreciate the “Don’s Difference” for yourself—and see firsthand just how much of a difference a few inches can make.

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