Wearing Elevator Shoes at Bars and Clubs -- Do they Improve Your Chances at Success?

Saturday, November 9, 2019

A lot of what I’ve read online about elevator shoes or height increasing shoes, and particularly wearing them in clubs or bars to improve your chances with approaching women, tends to come from one of three sources:


1)      Average height guys or tall guys saying that they don’t work, make you look stupid, and that you should “just be more confident.”


People who write things like this either A)Are tall enough that they’ve never had to seriously deal with working from behind a major height disadvantage themselves, or B)Probably aren’t the sort of person who thrives or enjoys being in a nightclub environment, and so they only have a “hypothetical” idea of how it works, rather than practical experience.


It’s even less likely that the sort of person who suggests that elevator shoes or height shoes makes you look “ridiculous” in a nightclub has ever actually worn a pair themselves in a club.


As someone who HAS worn elevator shoes / height shoes to nightclubs before, I like to think that I have a little more relevant experience and thoughts on the topic.


The short answer (no pun intended, I promise) – elevator shoes, even ones with 4 inch lifts or 5 inch lifts, are probably at their best in a nightclub or bar environment than almost anywhere else.


Almost all of the perceived concerns about wearing elevator shoes, especially ones with significant height increases, are non-factors when you’re wearing them to a club or bar:


“What’s the point in wearing them to meet women, when you’ll obviously have to take them off anyways?  Won’t you look ridiculous when she sees you’re 3-5 inches shorter?”


This is one of the biggest things that guys who don’t wear elevator shoes don’t understand.


To be brutally honest and non-“politically correct”-in a club environment, assuming that you’re in the majority of guys who isn’t planning to meet the love of your life at a club, you’re main focus is probably on “sealing the deal.”


And let’s not kid ourselves—most women in a nightclub environment are being approached by dozens or even hundreds of men a night, so they’ve got their pick of the litter to choose from.


With way too many guys to choose from, it’s only natural for a woman to try to find ways to narrow down her options.  One of the most common ways a girl at the club can do that is by disqualifying guys based on factors like height.


So, the biggest benefit for wearing elevator shoes / height shoes in that sort of an environment is simply to not be automatically disqualified.  No one who’s being honest will tell you that wearing height increasing shoes, even if they’re 5 inch elevator boots or higher, is going to do all of the work for you.  But what they *will* do is open the door long enough for you to show off your sense of humor, charm, brains, dance moves, brains, and everything else you’ve got to offer.


But, OBVIOUSLY she’s going to find out as soon as you take your shoes off…


Again, these kinds of comments are written by people who’ve clearly never had any practical experience wearing elevator shoes or height increasing shoes in a nightclub or a bar.


The no-BS truth is: between the great vibes, the drinking, the flirting, the music, and the energy of the night, by the time you’re arriving somewhere together that would involve you taking off your shoes, you’re probably already making out pretty heavily or you’ve at least got a great vibe going with a ton of flirting. 


By the time you’re already that far in, if we’re being totally honest here, even if there’s a 4 inch or 5 inch difference in your shoes, you’re probably just taking a few steps from the entrance to the couch anyways.


BUT…you’re being dishonest about your height!


No more so than a woman is being “dishonest” by wearing makeup that hides wrinkles, wears padding in her bra, or, for that matter, wears high heels herself.  One of the main points of fashion is to try to draw more positive attention to ourselves, and to project an image to instruct other people of how we’d like to be treated.  Elevator shoes aren’t any better or worse than any other fashion choice to achieve that goal—especially if you buy a pair that looks great, and wear it with a style that makes them virtually invisible.  (And again, if anyone says that’s unfair—could you imagine calling out a woman for being “unfair” for wearing a Wonderbra?)


BUT….She’ll spot it a mile away in the club!


In a dark club,where most people can barely see a few feet in front of themselves…with you wearing beautiful designer shoes and a fashion style that makes the lifts virtually invisible?  Yeah…the odds are very, very good you won’t have anything to worry about.


NOW…THE ONE THING I will say, is that if you go for 4 inch shoes or 5 inch shoes, is that you might have to pace yourself when it comes to hitting the dance floor. 

If you’re the kind of guy who goes to the club and pulls out full dance routines from open to close, you might find after a few hours that your feet need a bit of a rest.  (Though I haven’t really found that to be true for height shoes with a smaller lift in them—say…2-3 inches.  In those cases, I could easily go all night and barely notice I was wearing elevator shoes.)


Of course, women wearing elevated shoes have experienced that same challenge for generations, so it’s not exactly special for men’s elevator shoes.  And that’s not to say you *can’t* dance—I personally love hitting a dance floor, and I’ve done it countless times in 4-5 inch elevator shoes—but just to be mindful that if you go all night, your feet might be a little sore the next morning.  (Though in some cases, that might be a small price to pay for the opportunity to dance with a gorgeous partner to sexy music.


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